Friday, 16 August 2013

Destruction Will Terrify You

It seems ironic that Christians and others hear about the destruction of fellow humans and non-humans, yet continue to wipe them out. The quest [what the euphemism!] for gas/oil....has killed 2000000 Iraqis, 5000000 refugees....let alone nonhuman victims.

Now fracking is getting a lot of attention. More on this later. Everywhere from the Colbert Report to  The Nature Of Things have detailed emphasis on the exploitation of nature/humans by a some greedy companies. And while Canadians laud over their Americans to the south....Canadians have no minerals rights even if they own the land! So Mr. Corporation can walk on your property and plop his [sic] drill in the ground.

Ironic that the very bible many say to believe, foresaw or pronounced similar evils:


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