Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Right To Exploit

Our culture thinks and operates
on an unexamined 
self assured
to exploit
everything and everyone.
Why would you
think about the effects 
of your actions on others [humans and non-humans]?

Last week an American cop killed his mother in law, wife and 2 daughters. Then he killed himself. Otherwise he may have just been charged with a misdemeanor. The judge says tissue wounds don't matter. Broken bones perhaps do. Rape, kidnapping, ...not so bad. But a broken bone...More...

What kind of country/world allows/sactions violence against women or anyone. But when violent sports are glorified, war is glorified and unquestioned, police are given ultimate authority [in Ontario, cities must give them whatever their budget demands], ...what can we expect?!

Everything/one are only valued if they produce something for me - if I profit = capitalism. Who needs air, the poor, water, ...if no one is making money from them - they are use-less. Wipe out regulations to protect them [=us] - is the cry of conservatives in Harper's government and the U.S. 

When will we take control of our countries? 

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